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This Wildabeast

  • milesprower8 by milesprower8

    What is on its head?


  • BHamer by BHamer

    A second wildebeest! Not on the first one's head, though- it's standing behind the first one, with its backside toward the camera. It's got its head down like it's grazing.

    A lot of times an image creates a sort of optical illusion and it's hard for us to un-see that very first impression. I bet every SS volunteer has had that experience. I certainly have- the first chat board post I ever made was about a nighttime image that I thought showed an elephant with sutures across its trunk. It turned out it was just the tip of an acacia tree lit up by the camera flash, which happened to be positioned directly in front of the elephant's trunk. I didn't see it until it was explained to me.


  • tillydad by tillydad moderator

    We have all been there,seen it and got the t-shirt !! lol 😃