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Beggared if I know

  • FlyingMeeces by FlyingMeeces

    I understand why there's no 'dunno' button but I reckon if every user here took a punt at what these are we'd end up with 6 or 8 equally divided answers. Any thoughts?!


  • davidbygott by davidbygott moderator

    Tommies - based on apparent size, lack of obvious horns (female tommies have them but they are small), darker rather than pale tan, black side stripe, black tail visible on one at right, lack of conspicuous white rump patch.


  • tillydad by tillydad moderator in response to FlyingMeeces's comment.

    If everyone takes a punt at an image and there is no consensus reached then the image would be passed to the scientists on the project ( the experts ) so that they may try to determine what species are present . If they fail to arrive at an answer then the image would be retired from the project and would play no part in the final data for the project .
    This would be very rare as under normal circumstances the citizen scientists will normally be able to resolve the ID of any species .Likewise, it would be very rare for the experts to fail at producing a consensus . Out of the multi-thousands of images that are analysed there are very, very few that cannot be satisfactorily classified, and this would mean that there would be no real effect on the project as a whole .
    Hope that this helps, if you have any more questions regarding this then please ask 😃