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animals far away

  • lesleylupo by lesleylupo

    How do we know what these animals are far away? I cannot make them out. Is there a way to help us magnify the picture? I tried zooming in but the picture got blurry.


  • davidbygott by davidbygott moderator in response to lesleylupo's comment.

    The photos as posted are only 600x427 pixels so you don't gain any detail when zooming in. You just have to learn what different animals look like at a distance. If you browse through the 'Recent' pages you'll see plenty of examples, as many people have posted photos "too far to identify" and we mods and other experienced folk try to ID them.

    For example, you can see there are some zebras in this photo, with visible stripes. As they get further away, the stripes disappear and they just look light grey, but still vaguely horse shaped. I get 10 at least. Behind the 2 left zebras it's hard to tell what we see - could be wildebeest, or bushes, or a couple of zebras close to bushes. But at least you can be confident about the 10 zebras! 😃

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  • tillydad by tillydad moderator in response to davidbygott's comment.

    There are bushes in the distance behind the 2 left sided zebras 😃