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comments on extended survey

  • bannd67 by bannd67

    Sorry, did not mean to do it wrong. Thought we were to describe whatever we found that may have appeared to be an animal, even though they were artifacts. Did an image analysis for another type of animal survey and they wanted anything that showed up described, so that we didn't have to go back to defective photos.


  • maricksu by maricksu moderator in response to bannd67's comment.

    Hi bannd67!

    Thank you for your response!

    Yes, those kind of descriptions are not needed in this project.

    Always give your best guess to all animals you see in images. If there are animals - don't choose 'no animals'. Mistakes won’t affect the final dataset, so no need to worry about that. Each photo is shown to many people until consensus reached. If not reached, those images will be picked up for closer look by experts.

    In our Blog is more info about, how answers are turned into final dataset, in the news post 'Hot off the presses – get your “good data” right here!'

    I hope you find this helpful 😃


  • aliburchard by aliburchard scientist, translator

    Don't ever worry about doing things "wrong"! Expectations differ from project to project.

    I'm not actually sure what the original comment in question is, but it's totally fine to comment about whatever you find interesting in the photos in the image comments or discussions threads, even if that's not what the researchers are looking for. You never know what information might be useful. For example, we've previously been able to identify malfunctioning camera traps from images tagged with "broken" or "broken flash" (e.g.

    But as Maricksu says, please do take your best guess about what animal is in the image. It's okay if you disagree with other volunteers about what you're seeing -- that usually tells us that an image is really hard! If enough people disagree about what they're seeing, that helps us identify images for further review. So give us your best guess - I promise it will only help!