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Humans with smoke?

  • capslockasaurus by capslockasaurus

    I'm curious about what's going on in this picture, I don't remember seeing one quite like it before- what are the long implements they're using? Is the smoke coming from them, or the grass?


  • maricksu by maricksu moderator in response to capslockasaurus's comment.

    We see here people working with fire, a controlled burn connected to the research in Extended Survey season.

    These controlled burns are an important part of the research this season, to study the effects of fire.
    The smoke is coming from the fire on the ground. Please note, we mark both smoke or flames with 'Fire' when classifying.
    We will see people using tools during these controlled burns, to prepare the ground e.g. ASG001pp9z and when the fire is ongoing e.g. ASG001oy90 , ASG001oyah , ASG001qb3s , ASG001qb2f

    More interesting info about the research this season in our Blog, and about many special views we see in this special season also e.g. here 😃


  • capslockasaurus by capslockasaurus in response to maricksu's comment.

    Thank you! 😃


  • davidbygott by davidbygott moderator

    The tools are beaters (probably a flap of rubber attached to a stick). I would guess that the workers are burning a firebreak to protect the camera location and beating it out when enough has been burnt. Burning while the grass is still partly green means that the fire spreads slowly and is more controllable. These guys know what they are doing!