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  • Aenea53 by Aenea53

    A few questions: 1) should there more photos w/o animals than with? 2) if I see a photo that appears to 1 I've seen before, does it mean a) I'm getting another try at it, b) others have looked at the same photo and we don't agree, or c) it is a different photo but taken of the same location and something other than an animal is triggering the camera?
    Thank you. Dawn


  • maricksu by maricksu moderator in response to Aenea53's comment.

    Hi Aenea53, and welcome to Snapshot Serengeti!

    Cameras are triggered by any movement, e.g. grass in the wind, flying debris etc. so we also see photos without animals, how many, can't predict.

    When classifying, you get same photo only once, so one try/photo/person. Every photo has unique number (you can see that above the photo, when opening it if you like, e.g. number of this photo is ASG001p8jz ). Cameras are set in certain places, thus you get many photos that may look similar but they are different photos.

    This project works same way as many other Zooniverse projects. Every photo is shown to several people (to how many, scientists decide) until consensus reached. So it is possible that you see same photo (that you have classified) here in Talk, posted by someone else for some reason e.g. with some question.

    P.S. We have now completed season 9,5 and are enthusiastically waiting for the next season 10 to be launched very soon!!

    Zooniverse team has, as usual, reactivated some completed images from previous season, so that the site still works for demonstration and people can classify these if they like. Also that data will be used, but scientists probably don't need that to get a good idea of what each image is. So while waiting for season 10, why not visit and help out e.g. in Wildcam Gorongosa project 😃