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Unclear Identification

  • cgreene7 by cgreene7

    I'm unable to confirm the identification of this animal. This camera seems to have an image capturing issue (see the discolored part in the center of the image), and other images like this had wildebeest in them, so my educated guess is that this is an extreme close up of a wildebeest. Does anyone have any insight that could help confirm this identification?


  • maricksu by maricksu moderator in response to cgreene7's comment.

    Hi cgreene7,

    This 'square', we see in some images this season, is caused by software malfunction. It makes weird effects, but we just need to ignore that 'square' and try our best to identify the animals in image. More info about that 'square' in here

    In this image not wildebeest, but we have here warthog close the camera.

    It is useful to know, that cameras are set about 0,5-1m above ground.

    Here small size, grey colour and those sparse, long and wiry mane-hairs cues for warthog 😃