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Bird on Zebra's Left Side?

  • Melll by Melll

    I am guessing the dark shape on the left side of the zebra in the foreground is a bird - thoughts? Also I guessed there are two (although probably more) elephants in the right background.


  • maricksu by maricksu moderator in response to Melll's comment.

    Hi Melll,

    We have actually 4 zebra in front. One cue here is, that there are more striped legs than for 2. They are standing side by side, 2 facing this way, 2 facing away from camera. Thus the dark shape between those rears is the muzzle of 3rd zebra. Head of 4th a bit visible at upper left corner. Zebras often stand like this when they are resting. In background wildebeests, dark sloping back-bodyshape 😃