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Gazelle Calm With Lion Nearby?

  • AmeliaJ92 by AmeliaJ92

    Hi! So at first I thought this was a cute close-up of a gazelle, but when I looked closer right behind the top of its shoulders appears to be a male lion. Am I just seeing a weird tree stump or something or is this gazelle and its impala (?) friend just really that chill about being that close to a lion?


  • maricksu by maricksu moderator in response to AmeliaJ92's comment.

    Hi AmeliaJ92,

    No lion here. and your first thought is correct, these are Thomsons-gazelle, another in left edge.
    What we see here behind the front one, is actually tiny part of broken branch on the ground. You will see that in many images from this view this season. One example below 😃