Snapshot Serengeti Talk

Ideas for ways to use Snapshot Serengeti in the classroom

  • kosmala by kosmala scientist

    I've heard from several teachers who are or want to use Snapshot Serengeti in the classroom. I thought we'd create this board so that educators (and students!) can share ideas and discoveries with one another.

    We're hoping to create both online tools to enhance education efforts as well as develop some modules or curricula around Snapshot Serengeti over the next couple years, so we'd also appreciate any feedback teachers have about what would sorts of materials or tools you would like to see created.

    Finally, Zooniverse has an education team, whose goal is to help use Zooniverse project to do science education. They've got a blog at . They also maintain ZooTeach, a site where educators can share lesson plans and other resources that involve Zooniverse projects like Snapshot Serengeti. Go check it out:


  • DolphinLover285 by DolphinLover285

    I like your idea. My teacher said my class might have to do a science fair project so maybe I could study some animal pictures from Snapshot and do my project in animal behavior.


  • pdmeun by pdmeun

    We are using the site as part of our Cultural Arts week study of Tanzania. Younger grades (K5-3) use the site for computer lab (repetitive site navigation) and learning animals. Older grades use it as an intro to animal classification/taxonomy.