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Collection: Dispatches from the Elephant Cam

by sisige

This series starts on 2/12/13, at 4:53:12 am. Within 10 minutes we see there are at least two elephants hanging around (ASG000xz6l). Slowly more of the family emerges (ASG000xz83). There are a few gaps through the night, the longest being from 8:12 am to 12:05 pm. As the sky beings to lighten, there's one more group shot at 12:30, shortly before dawn (ASG000xz8h).______The next appearance is on the 13th at 8:30 pm. We start with an individual with fairly long tusks (ASG000xz8p), followed by an adult with what apppears to be a broken tusk, accompanied by a baby (ASG000xz8r). They seem to hang out here until 9:09 pm, before they disappear for another day.______The next sighting is on the 14th at 1:23 pm (ASG000xz9e), for just a few minutes (three captures).______There is one shot on the night of the 17th (ASG000xza1), and then another break until the 18th at 12:21:49 pm (ASG000xza4). There are a few shots of this individual (ASG000xza9) as the night sky begins to lighten, then as the day brightens, we see this mother and calf (ASG000xzag). It looks like they are joined by the rest of the family (ASG000xzal) before the whole group disappears again for the day.______A lone bull shows up on the 18th during the day (ASG000xzau). It looks like he is searching for some companionship (ASG000xzax), but he doesn't find any and disappears within 10 minutes.______The family is back the night of 2/20/13 at 6:16 am and hang out until 7:22 am. Here's a nice group shot (ASG000xzb5).______They appear again later in the day on the 20th, at 3:01 pm (ASG000xzbn), and are visible for about 15 minutes (ASG000xzc0).



  • sisige by sisige

    I gathered this series of #elephant captures from a single camera located in what appears to be a popular elephant hangout, over 8 days.


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