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Subject: ASG001wjjq

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  • gabriela58blue by gabriela58blue

    I can't find any antelope/gazelle that looks like this, almost black with white legs. Somehow it looks like it's in distress.


  • davidbygott by davidbygott moderator

    Fascinating! How about a dirty lion lying on its R side. its back to us, we see its L hip and hind feet. Other ideas?


  • tillydad by tillydad moderator

    Lion seems like a good fit, to me 😃


  • maricksu by maricksu moderator

    I agree #lion resting here, moving it's hind legs 😃


  • AowlanCrystal by AowlanCrystal moderator

    looks like Lion stretching a left hind leg out- rump towards camera. look more like powerful hind feline paws, than canine or anything else.