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  • Subject ASG000e4de

    What on earth is that in the center of the frame, below the tree?

  • Subject ASG0003ts0

    What do you usually call glowing eyes in the darkness? I would think that lions or hyenas would both be likely.

  • Subject ASG0003k76

    Might this be a juvenile kori bustard? I just called it bird - other.

  • Subject ASG0007bqf

    What do you put when your shot is of a wildebeest in the process of either getting up or lying down (guess it's prolly the latter)? Resting?

  • Subject ASG00055qf

    What on Earth is going on here? Honey badger on the left, I suppose. What's that in the right background? Warthog? Hyena? Big rock?

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