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Postcard arrived

  • AowlanCrystal by AowlanCrystal moderator

    I just received my Snapshot Serengeti postcard, Love the Giraffe pic and love the Elephant stamp too, it will put the postcard in my Tanzania stamp collection, as not going to steam the stamp off of this postcard, its too special to do that to it.
    I'm sad to see its the end of the season 6, I have been unwell and have also had problems with my eye sight, being blurry, gritty, sore, with headaches and visual disturbances, so not been able to study the images properly, so I do appologise for not being around lately to help moderate, I have really missed classifying too, although glad there are some images put back up.
    Thanks again for the postcard.


  • ElisabethB by ElisabethB

    Mine arrived too, today ! Tx ! I'll treasure it forever ! 😄

    Hope things are getting better AowlandCrystal !

    Here's to Season 7 !



  • areinders by areinders moderator in response to AowlanCrystal's comment.

    Hope you'll be better soon, see you in season 7!


  • aliburchard by aliburchard scientist, translator

    Glad the postcards made it!!!!

    Take care, Aowlan. Heal up so you can come back in full force!


  • AowlanCrystal by AowlanCrystal moderator

    Thanks for all the kind words, got appointment this week, so hopefully find out why I feel worse than have for a while and improve on antibios, still think the Lyme disease has a hold on me or I got a related infection that never was treated correctly, as antibiotics improve me. I never believed a critter barely ',' sized could do so much damage in the UK, especially if left untreated from wrong diagnosis for a number of years. I always thought of the really risky places to contract something like that, were destinations where you need jabs and anti malaria treatments etc. I'll never ignore a tick bite ever again! Eyes have improved a bit. now on antibiotic eye treatment 😃

    Well I'm keeping my chin up and am look forward to Season Seven. Maybe we will get a wild dog or two among the pics this time and a few more of the rare creatures popping in. ie Zorrilla and Stripy Hyena.

    Do you know when approximately is season 7 could be ready to go live to all classifiers? ie for over the Christmas/new year period or before/later?

    I got some African stamps (number are Tanzania too) in among some joblots of postage stamps, I brought and many have African Wild animals on them, I was going to have a go over Xmas holidays to try and see how many of the animals listed on Snapshot Serengeti, I could find and maybe if I manage to complete the set, although maybe Zorilla might be toughest, if I get at least 90%, I'll scan them and post the results as a single pic.

    Thanks again for the postcard and the kind words.


  • sisige by sisige

    That really sucks that you're having such issues. 😦 I hope they can figure something out soon. Have you looked into chronic Lyme disease, or do you already know that's what you're dealing with? I just ask because a coworker's sister is dealing with that, and it sounds like she had a heck of a time finding someone that would diagnose it as that. Well, either way, I hope you get feeling better soon!

    If I recall correctly, during the fundraiser, they mentioned the sneak peak would be in February, so I think we have a few months before season 7 is rolled out.

    Take care!


  • wildebeesty by wildebeesty

    I just got my postcard and love it!!!,I got giraffes in my stamp 😃

    Hope you get well soon Alowan.