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Will we have our stats?

  • cgendreau by cgendreau

    I think it would be nice to have our stats in our profile page.
    Very cool project!


  • Onegoodturn by Onegoodturn

    Nice to get feedback - ideally just our own to compare with consensus.
    Possibly an option, once classified blindly, to see what others have said about the same pic.


  • Wolbo by Wolbo

    Agreed, I couldn't find any statistics and it would be nice to add some.

    Own statistics

    • photos identified

    • favorites

    • photos per animal type

    • photos per type of behavior

    • photos per group size

    • timeline

    Total statistics

    • idem


  • sheilasmail by sheilasmail

    I would love to know about the classification methodology. As in, if 2 say it's a hartebeest, and 5 call it a wildebeest, is it "majority" or would someone check the photo?


  • biminibob by biminibob

    It would also be nice to see somewhere a running grand total of each animal type, e.g. 1,256 Wildebeest, 15 lion, 2 Leopard. It would be nice to see our own stats for that, and for the group as a whole.

    Then we can also see when we have "bagged" at least one of each animal. Nerdy, but nice.


  • aliburchard by aliburchard scientist, translator

    User stats are a great idea, but not a functionality we currently have. We'll explore the feasibility of that for the future.
    @sheiasmail -- kosmala is going to posting a blog soon about how the data reduction procedure works, and how we deal with different levels of uncertainty in the classifications. Hopefully that will answer a lot of questions about why we want everyone's best guess, and why we aren't too worried about people making mistakes.


  • DJ_59 by DJ_59

    I'll cast my vote for this, too. It's always nice to be able to see everything at one glance like that. We citizen science types are a little bit nutty about out stats. It can be motivating.


  • arfon by arfon

    We're working on this. I think we're about a week away from having something pretty special for the profile pages. In the meantime you can see how many classifications you've made on your profile page on Zooniverse Home



  • vjb by vjb

    I'd like to second the request for a notation when there has been a comment on an image that we have just classified--rather than having to click "discuss" to check.