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animals not in list

  • cascoly by cascoly

    how do we enter an animal not in the list - eg, i saw what i thought was a red lechwe


  • kosmala by kosmala scientist

    Please pick an animal from our list that is the closest, and then in Talk hash-tag the animal with your identification.

    And so you know, we don't have red lechwe in Serengeti. Maybe you saw a reedbuck?


  • treepeace by treepeace

    I really think you should have a category for "something there, but can't identify." I just found a night pic with just reflecting eyes looking at the camera. Clearly three or four animals, but no way I could make them out. And at times the positioning of the animals is just so that distinguishing features can be hidden. Experts looking at these category would fare much better with less to go on.
    Very cool site/project.


  • dms246 by dms246 moderator

    Hi treepeace - if you read the blog post "We need an 'I don't know' button" :'ll understand why we don't have one. It's an excellent explanation by kosmala of why the scientists don't want us to have such a button, and how even our guesses, based on minimal information, nonetheless convey useful, usable information about the content of a photo.