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Thanks to the moderators!!!!

  • roggeveenb by roggeveenb

    David Bygott is online regularly reviewing comments, providing feedback and especially more hints for identifying the animals. I look forward to reading his comments and learning from them.

    Thank you to all who help make this an even better season for identifying wildlife.


  • davidbygott by davidbygott moderator in response to roggeveenb's comment.

    Thank you roggeveenb, and thanks to all of you who step into this magical world and work so hard at identifying the photos. I have been going to Serengeti for over 40 years, and spent 4 of those years living in the Lion House, so I know the Serengeti and love it and enjoy watching you all learn about it - and I'm still learning stuff too! I tell you, you see so many goodies in these photos that you would never see on safari.
    I'll say more soon in a farewell post - as this week, I have to head to Tanzania and do this stuff for real, in my other life as a safari guide.


  • Veegee by Veegee

    oh, lucky you, have a great time in Tanzania, envy you, always wanted to do a safari, just never
    had the cash (they are not cheap!). THIS is my safari! Keep safe!