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Guide for Identifying young animals

  • WileESongDog by WileESongDog

    The first few times I ran across younger versions of some animals, such as Wildebeests and Buffalo, I ended up googling to find more pictures to be certain of what they were as they were not with older adults that would have made an identification easier. These animals have not completely grown in their horns so the horns look different and sometimes the colors are different from the adults. I've seen a few posts where other people were thrown off by young wildebeests or other animals so I thought It might be nice to have a guide for those animals were the juveniles may not be obvious what species they are.


  • mistyfriday by mistyfriday

    I had the same issue especially when I first started. I thought I would be good to have 4 ID pics: front view, side view, rear view showing that tail and a view of a young with their representative horns or whatever is different about them when they are young. Just a suggestion.