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Improving my skills

  • RenoHatesMe by RenoHatesMe

    It might be nice to have a gallery of difficult images that have been id'd by an expert, if possible with an explanation of why they made that decision. It's hard for me to tell if I'm making many mistakes. I know the algorithm helps y'all with this but I would like to up my game.


  • sisige by sisige

    For what it's worth, I make a point of checking through the recent object comments and discussion posts on a regular basis. That way I get to see some of the images that other users have had questions on, and usually one of the moderators or more experienced users will weigh in with an ID, sometimes with additional information on the indicators/diagnostic clues that steered them in that direction. That way I get to learn from everyone's puzzling images, not just my own. 😃


  • PALewis by PALewis

    I agree, I've learned a lot just by checking on the recent images.


  • aliburchard by aliburchard scientist, translator

    Hey Reno -
    That's a good idea (I realize this post is way late). Even though we don't have space for a formal "tricky images" gallery, that would be a great thing to create via hashtags...I'll try to start something like that.