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how to correct a mistake

  • diedelinde by diedelinde

    Hi, I'm only just new here, and find myself struggling quite a lot but learning quickly. Is there any way to erase a wrong identification and replace it with a correct one, after you've clicked the finish button? Or how can I discuss the photo and put the identification on hold awaiting feedback from others, before clicking the finish button, and still be able to carry on with other photos?


  • mistyfriday by mistyfriday

    No, you cannot correct a mistake but do not be overly concerned about that. You cannot put it on hold. They want our individual effort, not group. That is part of their process. These photos are seen by a number of people so you making a mistake is not going to cause harm. When I was new I frequently went to the discussion page and read what people were talking about in the ID photos. If it was a photo I was unsure of I tried my best, looked through the info they give you and also looked up animals in Wikepedia in another open window and made my choice. If I was unsure about the ID then I went to discussion pg to see if anyone else brought it over. Then if a correct ID was made there I tried to study it to see what my problem was and learn from it. You can always then ask for help there if no one else brought it over. People here are really good about sharing info. You might read through the blogs and discussion board. In them it is discussed how group effort is used. Don't ever be scared you will make a wrong answer. Just make your best effort and enjoy the sights!


  • ElisabethB by ElisabethB

    Hi diedelinde

    Mistyfriday said it all. Just give it your best shot and don't worry about making a mistake. And sometimes the images are just too difficult too classify. But even that will give the science team a lot of information ! 😄

    And check things out here on Talk after the classification. You'll learn lots and lots.

    Have fun ! 😄


  • diedelinde by diedelinde in response to ElisabethB's comment.

    Thank you, you're so right, I've already made lots of mistakes but learnt heaps afterwards by getting feedback or reading through Talk. And it's big fun. See you around!