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How to: Easier identify animals using IrfanView

  • ahjorth by ahjorth

    Often you get pictures where it would be a lot easier to identify the animal if you could do some changes to the contrast, brightness, colors etc. Unfortunately, Zooniverse hasn't implemented such a tool (hopefully they will). So here's how you can do it painless and free with minimal effort.

    First, you need to get the free image tool "IrfanView". IrfanView is a free image processing software you can use for all sorts of things, like flip, rotate, color editing etc.

    When you classify, and you find an image you'd like to edit just open Infranview (or keep it open always) and drag the image directly over to IfranView. This will open your selected image in IrfanView where you can do all sorts of cool stuff.

    Using SHIFT+G will do most of what you will need when trying to help you identify an animal. Here you can change the Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Gamma and RGB values.

    Have fun classifying!


  • 2fay by 2fay

    Am I a bit dim but if there are two types of animal in the picture the identification system seems only to allow one. How do I indicate if there are zebra and deer?


  • Elizabeth.Ann by Elizabeth.Ann moderator

    After you identify the first animal and what it is doing and the number of animals you should be able to hit "identify" then choose another animal. If you don't hit finish before selecting another animal you should be able to identify a second animal.