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What does moving mean?

  • tlwilson by tlwilson

    I interpreted it to mean walking or running, but animals move for many reasons. Is there an official definition?


  • chaoticidealism by chaoticidealism

    I interpret it as "walking or running", or "moving from place to place" (like a herd on the move). After all, these are motion sensitive cameras, so technically all the animals are moving in some way. It makes the most sense to count only animals which are actually moving from point A to point B.

    What confuses me is "Interacting". Does it count if they're just leaning against each other or grouped up in the shade, or do they have to be directly interacting with each other, not just hanging out together? I tend to save "Interacting" for the latter, more direct interaction--nursing young, baboons grooming, that kind of thing.


  • Envirogirl667 by Envirogirl667

    I think interacting means more direct action. Often you see zebras, wildebeest and other animals in packs or groups migrating. But I think that should be classified as moving.


  • Sterrennevel by Sterrennevel

    If there's only one picture in the set, do you go with standing or moving? I tend to look at their pose, you can usually tell when they're moving, but sometimes it's hard to tell.


  • AowlanCrystal by AowlanCrystal moderator

    I've usually gone with the following: if the animal appears as if it could be moving (especially if you can see its legs), then clasify it as moving, it might also be eating and moving, (herd animals sometimes are grazing on the move) then I will put eating and moving, if the legs appear as if the animal is still and head off the ground, I will classify 'stood',

    if you can't see the legs, and if the position of its head, shoulders and hips don't give clues either to if it might be moving or stood, making either possible as true, where only one picture is in the set, I have classify it as both moving and standing, so it will appear under moving and standing and if when a set is later looked at, if other pictures have been captured of the same animal around the same time, the motion or lack of it can be confirmed later.

    with birds I pick moving for flying and those walking on the ground or between branches. Standing if they are stood still on the ground, or if on a perch, if appear alert, but not moving between branches or up and down the branch.


  • SandersClan by SandersClan

    What about if a most of a herd is moving as they eat, but some are standing and eating? Should I choose eating, moving and standing? Maybe I should say, for instance, 11-50 moving, eating, 4 standing, eating....