Snapshot Serengeti Talk


  • Veegee by Veegee

    A couple of times I have gotten half finished with a capture and clicked 'finish' by mistake, leaving out some
    of the animals--sorry about that, don't know why I did it other than distractions. And have been a few times
    where JUST as I clicked 'finish' I saw one lone zebra behind among a crowd of wildebeests!
    Love the project even if I don't always do it perfectly 😉


  • Ingootje by Ingootje

    this happens, but isn't bad. every picture is looked by around 10 people. Even if you miss, the others might not.


  • kosmala by kosmala scientist

    Yep, what Ingootje said. We expect a few innocent mistakes -- even by our experts -- so don't lose sleep over it!